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Now that we’ve done our research and analysis in part 1 and part 2, we can start handing off our results to the team to start working on the copy, content strategy and wireframing of each individual page for O2 Dental. 

Because we didn’t interview the staff and doctors, I will take the liberty of answering some of my own questions so you can see our process. 

Also, I am not going to get our copywriter to help with this post. You’ll get to see my amazing copywriting skills in action. After all, I am a generalist and director so I should practice everything that we offer. 

Research and findings

I am going to pick a page from O2 Dental to show you how this is done. 

For this post, I’ve decided to work on the Invisalign page for O2 Dental. We’ll tear this page apart and adjust it to what our potential patients are interested in and what Google requires to rank better. 

Before we start writing the copy, we have to understand the keywords we’re going to target. 

Keyword research

Invisalign is a very popular product with a search volume of 40K+ in Canada and a global volume of 900K+. 

Invisalign keyword analysis

To understand the needs of potential patients for Invisalign, we have to look at what kind of questions they’re asking: 

Invisalign questions and related keywords

Download the full list of questions people have here

Some of the top questions we should address:

  1. How much is Invisalign?
  2. What is Invisalign?
  3. How does Invisalign work? 
  4. How long does Invisalign take to work?
  5. Does Invisalign hurt?
  6. How to clean Invisalign?

Quick competitor analysis

Our top competitors for Vancouver don’t really have high authority. This gives us a lot of room to easily outdo them in terms of copy, media and architecture for our case study.

Competitor analysis

Our main competitors are:

If you look closely at my SERP analysis image above, you’ll notice that the only page with any significant backlink count is Clear Advantage Ortho. 

The content on neither of the four competitors is organized properly, the text is hard to scan and there is no media to portray authority (i.e. doctor explaining the process or testimonials). 

In terms of information architecture, we’ll have no problem outclassing everyone on the first page for the keyphrase, “Invisalign” in Vancouver. 

Survey questions answered

To help our team, it pays to speak to the staff, patients and doctor of the clinic. It might sound laborious but the rewards will last years for every single page. 

Remember, I am going to pretend to be a patient (I’ve had braces before so this might actually relate to me) so take these answers with a grain of salt:

  1. What are your primary concerns?
    1. Spacing 
    2. Underbite
    3. Overbite
    4. Crossbite
    5. Crowding – This was my problem as a child 
  2. Have you had your teeth extracted
    1. Yes
    2. No – Before braces, I never had teeth extracted
  3. Have you had your wisdom teeth extracted?
    1. Yes
    2. No – Not at the time I got my braces
  4. Why do you want to get your teeth straightened?
    1. I have an overcrowding issue, which makes my jaw look different than it should. 
  5. Why are you choosing Invisalign versus braces? 
    1. I don’t want to have a mouth full of metal for 2+ years. Also, I would like to eat food, which would otherwise, not be possible with braces. 

And also, let’s not forget our survey answers from part 1 of our case study here. I will consider everything before starting to write the copy for this page.  

Copy for our Invisalign page

From our user survey results we know that:

  1. Patients think positive reviews, office location and cost is the most important factor when finding a new dentist. 
  2. About 46% of survey respondents visit the dentist at least two times a year. 
  3. More than 80% of the visits are for general cleaning, exams and x-rays. 
  4. We also know that the most frustrating aspect of going to the dentist is cost, time at the clinic and dealing with insurance. 

Here are some of the most searched questions when a person is interested in getting Invisalign:

  • How much is Invisalign?
  • Is Invisalign covered by insurance?  
  • How does Invisalign work? 
  • How long does Invisalign take to work? 

Technical keyword research

We’re now going to look at a technical keyword optimization method, which is going to give us an upper hand. 

This part of our research is critical because it highlights how the top-ranked pages for our target keywords are favoured on the search results page of Google. 

Trend #1:

The number of characters and words are correlated with the top-ranked pages:

Invisalign rankings by words

Trend #2:

The number of missing common keywords is directly correlated with higher rankings. Related keywords are clearly a factor here: 

Invisalign rankings by common words

Trend #3:

There is a sweet spot of 18-19 common keywords for the top-ranked pages:

Invisalign rankings by common words

Let’s write our copy

Let’s quickly go over the target keywords I am trying to implement on our Invisalign page: 

  1. Invisalign – I’ve mentioned it 18 times in my copy. I would pass this on to the copywriter to clean up and add Invisalign another 14 times to match the top-ranked pages.
  2. Vancouver – I’ve mentioned Vancouver 6 times. 
  3. Orthodontists – Mentioned once. 
  4. Smile – Mentioned 6 times.
  5. Patients – Mentioned 3 times. 
  6. Teeth – Mentioned 2 times. 

I’ve written 692 words on this page. However, we need another 300-500 words. I am going to leave it here and have our copywriter finish the copy. 

Invisalign page

View the copy for the Invisalign page here. 

You now have a clear understanding of what it takes to rank for any given service. 

I’ve addressed the pain points from our survey, applied our keywords and have come up with a plan of exactly what we’ll need to do in terms of technical keyword research to beat our competitors. 

Wireframe our page

Once we have all the copy, our user experience and user interface designer will get to work and wireframe our service pages. 

I’ve gone ahead and wireframed our Invisalign page with our copy for the designer. 

Invisalign page wireframe

Download a PDF version of the Invisalign wireframe here. 

This template can be applied to all the service pages to stay consistent and not go over our budget with a client. 

The wireframe and the final design will not look the same in most cases. However, our information architecture will remain intact. 

Content strategy

If we have the freedom to spend our time accordingly with the right budget, we would create content clusters to support our money pages (primary service pages). 

Let me visualize this for you: 

Invisalign content cluster

Download the Invisalign content cluster here. 

I’ll take it a step further by building backlinks to our blog posts to increase their authority. This measure will pass authority to our service page. When done right, a proper link-building campaign will look like this:

Tiered link building

Content calendar

A well-executed content strategy will be planned out weeks ahead of a single piece of content being published. 

Our team will spend the time and plan our content calendar in 2-month increments. All of our content is based on our research, which addresses the pain points of our target demographic. 

Content calendar

Once our plan is on paper, it all goes into our project management software (TeamWork) and booked in. It looks something like this:

Team work content calendar

The process will be customized for each client and is completely dependent on the budget we’ll be given. 

Given the opportunity, I would have our team create content clusters for every major service on O2 Dental. 

Final thoughts

In a perfect world for our control in our case study, our budget would be between $10K-$15K/month. This gives us enough to absolutely devastate our competitors by scientifically approaching our marketing campaigns. 

We’re almost there. In part four for our dental marketing case study, we’ll come up with a CRM strategy, email marketing, marketing automation and a paid placement strategy. 

Until next time, catch you all on the next post. 

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