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Initially, I thought I would try to go over primary topics in a random industry to rank for in Toronto but I’ve decided to help with sub-categories. This breaks up our content and ensures a higher success rate if you want to dominate a particular service. 

We’re just going to focus on ranking for Botox in Toronto. Most large cities will be similar. 

1.0 Keyword research

1.1 Google ads:

A little research from Google ads and we find a few primary keywords: 

botox toronto1600
best botox toronto320
botox clinic toronto170
botox toronto price170
botox cost toronto110
Primary keywords for Botox in Toronto

1.2 Answer The Public

I always start with and look at questions, prepositions and comparisons people are interested in. You can find a lot of golden nuggets on Answer The Public. Just keep in mind that they only allow three searches per day so make sure you use the right primary keyword. 

Here’s an image of questions people ask when interested in Botox:

The full list of keywords we should be targeting can be found on this sheet.

Of course, we can’t stop there. We now have to find out what the user intent is when they’re interested in getting Botox injected for whatever reason. 

Botox keyword visualization
Botox keyword visualization

I’ve taken the liberty and downloaded all scenarios related to Botox for the English language. You download that list from here

1.3 Using Ahrefs and digging deeper

With Ahrefs, we can look deeper and see how hard it is to rank for our primary keywords. Here are the details:

Botox Toronto:

Ahrefs Botox Toronto
Ahrefs Botox Toronto

Best botox Toronto:

Ahrefs best Botox Toronto
Ahrefs best Botox Toronto

Botox clinic Toronto:

Ahrefs Botox clinic Toronto
Ahrefs Botox clinic Toronto

Botox Toronto price:

Ahrefs Botox Toronto price
Ahrefs Botox Toronto price

Botox cost Toronto:

Ahrefs Botox cost Toronto
Ahrefs Botox cost Toronto

What do these numbers mean from Ahrefs? I would like you to focus on the Keywod Difficulty section on the left of each picture. From the looks of it, the domain authority of our top competitors is not too high. 

We’ll need to build at least 15-20 high authority backlinks just for our Botox service to show up in Google search in Toronto. I’ll get into content strategies to support your service pages but before we do that, let’s look at some questions people ask in Toronto:

Botox questions asked in Toronto
Botox questions asked in Toronto
Botox questions direct in Google search
Botox questions direct in Google search

This gives us some context and gives us valuable insights into what our target demographic is looking for. 

2.0 Competition for Botox in Toronto

Your top competitors will be on the first page, of course. What we’re going to do now is find out their domain authority and what they rank well for. We’ll also look at their copy to see if we can capitalize on their weaknesses.

2.1 Who are we competing against in Toronto for Botox?

Top competitors for Botox in Toronto
Top competitors for Botox in Toronto

Here they are:


Once again, the dreaded Yelp option is in the top 5 listings. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that I am not a big fan of Yelp. 

2.2 What do our competitors rank for?

What I’ll do is share the list keywords each competitor ranks for. I’ll also share the page so that we can compare the copy for each page.

Skin vitality rankings
Skin vitality rankings

Here’s the full list of what Skin Vitality ranks for. They rank very well in Toronto for many other keywords like “coolsculpting Toronto”. In the next section, we’ll go over their backlinks, which I’ll share with everyone. If you have the patience, you can find hidden treasures from a boring sheet where all your competitor backlinks are placed.

Face Toronto rankings
Face Toronto rankings

Face Toronto is another high authority website, which ranks for a lot more than just Botox. They have services like cosmetic surgery and hair transplant. Here’s a list of keywords Face Toronto ranks for. The authority of this website is average but high enough to make a dent. By looking at their backlinks, I am sure we’ll find a few links we can get and even get ideas on where to find new links.

Skinjectables Toronto rankings
Skinjectables Toronto rankings

Skinjectables ranks for a few keywords most clinics go after like microneedling Toronto and botox clinic. View the complete list of what they rank for here.

Dr Pirani Botox rankings
Dr Pirani Botox rankings

Here’s another plastic surgery clinic. Can we call them that? Not 100% sure what you call a place where plastic surgery is performed. There seems to be a trend here. Looks like plastic surgeons rank very well for Botox in Toronto. Here’s the full list of what ranks for. 

2.3 What have we learned from keywords our competitors rank for

From what we’ve learned so far, the top four players who rank well for Botox related services in Toronto rank for multiple services (obviously) and the top ranking websites offer plastic surgery. 

We also know that the domain ranking for the top 4 competitors doesn’t go above 30. This is a good sign. With the right content and link-building strategy, I am sure we can take them all on easily within 8-12 months.  

3.0 Looking at our competitor backlinks

Without looking at the backlink profile of your competitors, you really don’t know how much you’ll need to spend and what type links you snag up quickly. 

For example, if the top competitors all have a link from a particular directory related to skincare, it would be wise for you to do the same. 

In this section, we’ll look at:

  1. Similar links the top four competitors share 
  2. A quick look at a couple of high-quality links we can try to acquire
  3. We’ll also look at what type of links we’ll need to acquire to beat them

Skinvitality domain overview
Skinvitality domain overview

Skin Vitality has 7,000 links from 1,400 domains. That’s pretty good. Their traffic value is high (This metric shows the equivalent value of the organic search traffic, should that traffic have been acquired via PPC.) and they rank for multiple keywords. It’s clear that they’ve done their homework. 

I checked their domain age and found out that it’s 12 years old. They’ve been in business for more than a decade and have lots of high authority links. No wonder they do well. 

Here’s a list of all their backlinks

Here are 2 links you can snatch from Skin Vitality’s backlink profile:

  1. – They’ve linked the word Refirme back to This website has a very high domain authority. It wouldn’t hurt to contact them to see if you can collaborate on a post. 
  2. – This is a directory you can easily get on. You just have to figure out how.

Face Toronto domain overview
Face Toronto domain overview

Skin Vitality has 5,400 links from 146 domains. Their traffic value is worth $12K. Not bad. They rank very well with a lower link volume than Skin Vitality. This leads me to believe that the quality of links and content/copy they have is well done. 

Face Toronto was registered in 2009. They’ve been around for more than ten years and that definitely helps. The combination of domain/business age, great backlink profile and a good content strategy is helping do very well in search. 

Here’s the full list of their backlink profile.

Let’s try to see if we can quickly snag two links from Toronto Face:

  1. – Here’s a link from Restylane. Most clinics offer Restylane injections so this one should be easy to get. It’s a relevant, high-authority backlink. 
  2. – I can spot a paid guest post from a million miles away. The skiny is a relevant link with a decent authority score. I just clicked on About Us and found their guest writer (Kelsey McGillis). All you have to do is find her contact info and you’re in.

Skinjectables domain overview
Skinjectables domain overview

Skinjectables is an interesting beast. It has a very low domain rating with a relatively low URL rating. They only have 49 referring domains. Yet, it ranks fairly well for Botox Toronto. This tells me they either have great content or a few very good links (or a combination of both). 

The domain is about seven years old so they’ve been in business for a few years. I bet with a little work, they can do very well if they expand on their content and link-building strategy. 

Here’s the complete list of their backlinks.

Let’s look at a couple of links we can steal from Skinjectables:

  1. – Nicely done. Someone is going on and commenting on behalf of Dr Jugenburg. I know it’s NoFollow link (A no-follow link is a link that does not count as a point in the page’s favour, does not boost PageRank, and doesn’t help a page’s placement in the SERPs. No-follow links get no love. Theirs is a sad and lonely life.) but a healthy combination of links that pass PageRank and a few links that are no-follow is a natural way to build your domain authority. We don’t want to go and build dozens of high-authority do-follow links because it might seem unnatural to Google. 

Unfortunately, Real Self is the only worthwhile link I can find from All the other links are directories, which I will not recommend in this post. You can look up a list of directories you can sign up for on

Dr Pirani domain overview
Dr Pirani domain overview

Dr Pirani also has a low URL and domain rating. With only 104 backlinks, they’re able to rank in the fifth position for Botox Toronto. One important takeaway from the overview image above is the traffic value. Their domain authority is pretty low for a traffic value of $5,400. When I looked closer, they rank well for plastic surgery in Toronto. Makes sense. 

The domain has been around for ten years. This is an established business. That’s a great credibility factor for Google. 

Here’s the full list of Dr Priani’s backlinks.

Here are two links we can steal from Dr Priani:

  1. – Fashion Gone Rogue has a domain rating of 71. That’s a very good link to get. If you can snag this up for yourself like Dr Pirani, it would be a huge win for your link-building campaign. 
  2. has a domain rating of 79 and is a place where parents get together and talk about various topics. I can see a million reasons why we should be on this website. Definitely a must. 

4.0 The right copy strategy to rank for Botox Toronto

It is vital to get your copy done right on all your pages. You’ll need to combine great copy, perfect on-page SEO, beautiful design and a great content strategy (blog and social media) to win customers. 

Unfortunately, doctors and clinics rely heavily on SEOs to stuff their pages full of keywords, which might be too much to digest. Even if you rank well, what good is that page if it doesn’t convert visitors into patients? We’ll take a look at the top four ranked webpages and see they address the pain points of their target demographic. 

BOTOX Cosmetic

Skin Vitality is the top dog for Botox Toronto. They’ve had the top position for a few months (maybe longer). 

Skinvitality copy
Skinvitality copy

Right off the bat, we can see that Skin Vitality focusses on credibility factors by highlighting that they perform botox injections on 100 patients/day, have 9 locations in Ontario, have been in business for 15 years, and are the most popular destination for Botox injections. I have nothing to add above the fold other than adding the Keyword Botox to the title. They rank high right now so it’s not necessary. 

Skinvitality copy
Skinvitality copy

They have four instances of celebrities showboating how Botox is a regular routine for them. A great credibility factor. 

After talking about how Botox works, they jump right into questions people might have about Botox: 

Skinvitality copy

Most of these questions can be found on BUT, if you do your homework right, you will ask the women of Toronto about the questions they have before committing to a clinic for Botox treatments. 

The next section is about how and what Botox is used for. There is also a section for more information: 

Skinvitality copy

I am not sure about this section. They go off into pages that are just a wall of text. This is definitely the doing of an SEO trying to rank for multiple keywords and trying to split up pages. It’s not a bad idea but how they’re going about presenting the content is weak at best. 

We’re finally shown the different locations Skin Vitality has and prices. 

Skinvitality sale copy

Not sure they’re allowed to do that. If they haven’t been caught, then it’s ok.

To outclass everyone else, I would invest in a media strategy to explain the questions people might have. You can use this content on this page, their social accounts, and in paid strategies to capture more customers. The effort and investment are more than just content. Hence, the reason why most clinics don’t commit to media production.

Face Toronto is close to Skin Vitality in terms of copy. The one difference is that they’ve decided to record Dr Asaria injecting and explaining dermal fillers. A great way to instantly increase credibility.

For Face Toronto, I would recommend building out a content strategy based on user intent. For example, find out when people are interested in dermal fillers and build content for that. Then chase them on the web and Social Media with a remarketing campaign. If they interact with your ads, put them in an audience called (intrigued). You’ll have to have a different set of ads for people who are intrigued. If they interact with your “intrigued” campaign, put them in another audience and advertise your services and a way for them to book an appointment. It seems difficult and time-consuming. It is. And almost no one is marketing their services this way.

Face Toronto copy
Face Toronto copy

The homepage of Skinjectables ranks in the fourth spot on the first page for Botox Toronto. This makes ZERO sense because they have little to no authority as a website:

Skinjectables authority on Ahrefs
Skinjectables authority on Ahrefs

Other than their Instagram account, which has 13,000 followers, I would not follow in their footsteps. I can easily see them dropping to the second page in no time. 

Botox Cosmetic In Toronto & Dysport Anti-Aging Treatments

Dr Priani is trying to force himself into the top position with a wall of text. He has taken a video directly from the Allergan YouTube account. This is exactly what I advise against when working with clients. Yes, I get it. He ranks in the fifth position. 

I would take this page and completely revamp with what he has. All we have to do use our better judgement with better content architecture, better design, a media strategy and focus on the person reading the content instead of search engines.

Dr Pirani copy
Dr Pirani copy


That’s what the whole page looks like. All the power to them for ranking so high with a mediocre copy strategy. It can be done better. 

5.0 A possible content strategy to rank for Botox search terms

Now that we know our competition more, let’s come up with a content strategy to not only outrank them but also show up for more relevant search terms with multiple pages. 

I try to focus on creating multiple marketing funnels for our content strategy. In this case, we’re focusing on Botox. If you were a client, I would do what I am showing you for all of your services. 

This is a marketing funnel in a nutshell:

Marketing funnel
Marketing funnel

In a new era of distraction and demanding customers, we’ll need to go beyond a basic funnel like this and focus on:

  1. Adoption
  2. Retention
  3. Expansion 
  4. Advocacy 

5.1 What type of content should we focus on above the funnel (Awareness)?

In this stage, people are trying to learn as much as possible about botox before they consider getting botox. They might have questions about the safety of Botox, how Botox works or is botox and fillers the same thing? 

People at this stage want to learn. They’re not ready to purchase from you so don’t bombard them with ads about booking an appointment when it’s not time.

Questions people ask about Botox

There are a million ideas here. Where do you start? I’ll do you all a favour and try to see the search volume for the questions above. 

Search volume for Botox questions
Search volume for Botox questions

Get the whole list of questions about Botox here

For a client, I would take the top questions and get an expert to write about the subject. This will be expensive. You’ll need your own videos, photos, and diagrams. Remember, we’re not writing to impress search engines. We’re trying to impress the readers who find you organically on search engines and paid ads. Try posting job postings on Indeed, Craig’s List, Writers Acess and see if you can find experts who have already written on the subject. 

Once the articles are written, you’ll need to do four tasks:

  1. Link back to your service pages on the blog post.
  2. Build backlinks to the blog post itself.
  3. Build tier-2 backlinks to the backlink you’ve used to link to your post.
  4. Run a paid ads strategy on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram to get traffic to your post. Keep in mind that when people click on these ads, they get entered into a list where they will be re-targeted with a fresh batch of ads since they are now considering Botox. 

I will write another post on how you can automate the whole marketing funnel process into a revenue-generating machine in another post. 

5.2 What type of content can we publish once a person is engaged?

When a person lands on the blog, clicks on an ad or watches a video on Facebook, they’ve officially engaged with your brand. They are now considering you or the service either consciously or subconsciously. How do we capitalize on that? 

Here are a few content ideas:

  1. We can now advertise the service page. If they click on the service page, they will be entered in a new list for a different set of ads.
  2. Split test the service page alongside a testimonial video. 
  3. A discount page for unconverted patients. 

The idea is to push the people who are engaged or considering you down the marketing funnel with the right message. The human mind works in stages and we’ll capitalize on that by testing different content marketing ideas to persuade them to book an appointment

If people don’t convert in this stage, we can put them in a new list and offer something else. Perhaps a free consult page just for them or a trial period where they can try our services for a lower price. 

The idea is to have the right message at the right time. If you get it right, you can rinse and repeat the process for all of your services. 

5.3 What about when a person converts into a book?

You now have a booking. That’s great. Here’s the issue. Most businesses forget about the customer at this stage. 

What we need to do is stay engaged with your new patient with relevant content after the fact. What does that look like?

  1. After the procedure, we’ll want to send a survey to the patient and gauge how happy they were with the service.
  2. If the survey result comes back positive, you’ll want to send an email to ask for a Google review. This will help you greatly improve your credibility (and possible rankings). 
  3. Most services require a touch-up and botox is no exception. What you’ll need to do is enter your customers into a customized list on your CRM and use that list to advertise on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. We need to remind them to come back and book again. 

Here’s a follow-up email after a guest visited a hotel we work with:

Email automation campaign
Email automation campaign

We have a few of these depending on the demographic and booking habits. We’re “tastefully” personalizing our email marketing campaigns without being creepy. 

By re-engaging with your customers after they’ve converted, you’re nudging them to come back when it’s time. Obviously, we’re not going to bombard people with the wrong message at the wrong time. We’ll contact each service sector when we’re supposed to. 

For example, for Botox, it would be wise to come up with a campaign to reach out to patients after three months of their booking. This is just to remind them to come back. 

I would also test and combine other services in our messaging to see if we can upsell other products a client offers.   

6.0 Let’s ask what the women of Canada think about Botox

There is nothing better than market intelligence. If your marketing agency isn’t asking your current/past and potential future patients about why they would or wouldn’t get Botox, you’ll need to fire them tomorrow. 

Why would you trust an agency to “guess” their way into sales and bookings? That’s ludicrous. 

To help you understand how I work, I’ve come up with these questions in less than 10 minutes:

  1. What is your age?
    • Under 25
    • 25-35
    • 35-45
    • 45-55
    • 55-65
    • 65+
  2. Have you heard of Botox?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
  3. Have you ever tried Botox?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Not sure
  4. Would you consider using Botox more if (tick as many apply):
    • You didn’t have to the doctor
    • Product was delivered by cream instead of a needle
    • You could buy at retail outlets
    • You could have it provided to you as part of your facial/massage experience
    • Was more affordable
    • No one would know 
  5. What would stop you from booking an appointment to get Botox (tick as many apply)
    • The cost
    • Affordability
    • Scared of needles 
    • Don’t trust the doctor
    • Side effects
    • I am too young

Here are your results for the answers above. 

8.0 How much will it cost to rank for Botox in Toronto?

Assuming we have a well-informed client who understands what they need, we’ll look at ranking above, middle and bottom of the funnel keywords to rank for.

8.1 Bottom of the funnel:

KeywordAvg. monthly searches
botox toronto1600
best botox toronto320
botox clinic toronto170
botox toronto price170
botox cost toronto110
botox yorkville90

If we capture 3% of these clicks, we’re looking at 74 visitors to our client’s website just for Botox. If we convert 10% of 74 visitors, we’re looking at 7 new patients each month. The average patient spends $1,200 a year on Botox. In most cases, you can upsell people on other services.

8.2 Middle of the funnel

how long does botox last500
what is botox made of250
how much does botox cost200
how much is botox200
how long does botox take to work100
how many units of botox90
how many units of botox for forehead80
how long does it take for botox to work80
how long for botox to kick in60

This list will have a lower conversion rate because people are looking for information and the volume is for all of Canada. If we get 3% of the clicks for just these keywords we’re looking at 46 visitors. If 3% of 46 people convert, we’re looking at 1 person a month. I am just showing you a few from my list of 600 questions people ask about Botox. The opportunities are endless. 

7.0 Automating marketing for Botox

I’ve been talking about automating the marketing process in this post a couple of times. See, I don’t just talk. I’ll share what I am proposing a process all of you should follow:

Marketing automation flow
Marketing automation flow

Here’s the marketing automation PDF of what I am proposing. Please remember that I did this quickly. For clients, I would spend much more time putting our process acquisition together. 

8.3 Above of the funnel

what is botox491000
what is botox made of61250
how does botox work46200
who can inject botox in canada0100
what does botox do60100
what is in botox6150
where does botox come from5240
what is botox used for5140
how botox works030
how long botox last2630
what does botox feel like when it starts to work1230
what is botox made from5730
how long does it take botox to work130
how does botox work for migraines1920
botox how long does it last1220
how much botox for forehead20
what is a botox6720
how many units of botox for frown lines320
botox how long does it take to work20

Again, this just a part of my list of 600+ keywords we can go after in our blog and content pages. 

8.4 Cost breakdown

Most clinics will not do anything on their own in regards to marketing so I will include everything I’ve proposed in this post.

At least 2 articles per month – This is going to cost $3000/month. These articles are well researched and planned. No wall of text written for search engines. We’re looking to convert people with relevant content, video interviews and original photos.

Search engine optimization – This really depends on the size of the website. Based on our current clients who have clinics, I would charge at least $1,000+ a month for SEO. This includes an in-depth competitive analysis, which we will revisit every quarter. 

Copy – If we’re working with just one service like Botox, the fee can range from $3,000-$5,000 (a one time fee). This requires an expert in the field. If we need to do this for every page, I would have to work it in our monthly retainer. 

User research – Clients tend to not see the value of user research. However, without studying the people you’re targeting, it’s impossible to address their pain points within your copy. Otherwise, you’re just puking words on a screen. User research can range from 40-80 hours and can cost $6,000+. Trust me. This is a bargain considering the value a client gets.

Media strategy and production – Another hot topic. Media production is a must in the beauty industry. Without media, you’re hiding yourself. Not good when you’re working on peoples faces. Plus, it’s 2020. Get over it and get on camera. The cost of media production is at least $3,000+/month on the lower end. 

Paid placement strategy – To dominate and automate the paid ads strategy, we’ll need a budget of $3,000 to start. Depending on success, demand and return on investment, we’ll move the budget up and down. To manage the creative, copy, monitoring and testing we’ll need to budget another $1,000/month.

Email Marketing – An email strategy is not just sending a weekly newsletter. We’ll need to segment your audience in different groups, design branded emails, automate emails based on their actions, measure and reform. This is an on-going process and will cost $1,000+ each month. 

Content strategy – A content strategy is not posting two blogs a month. We’re talking designing custom content strategies, sponsoring events, joining women’s groups, playing a part in Facebook groups, interacting with men and women on forums and playing a role in the community in one form or another. The cost for a decent content strategy can start at $3,000+.

Link building – The link-building budget for the parent keyword, Botox Toronto and related keywords is a minimum of $2,000 a month. Anything lower and you’re reducing the time it will take to rank higher than your compset. 

TOTAL: $23,000/month for at least 12 months. 

If you consider the fact that your website, copy, content and media will be the leader in the industry and most likely the country, I would say that’s a bargain. I can easily see the cross-selling new patients 

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