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Who am I and why did I start Game of SERPS?

Where to start? I’ve been avoiding being on a mic for years and have put off writing for even longer. I don’t have a reason why I’ve avoided helping the community. Regardless, it’s time I share what I’ve done in the past 5-10 years and how I’ve succeeded in the digital marketing space. 

My name is Puya. I’ve been making money online since the age of 14. I am 34 years old now and am a partner at a conglomerate corporation here in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Specifically, I run the digital marketing agency (Drip Marketing) at SmartCast Group. I use our department to launch different businesses where we see an opportunity. 

What you’ll get from me

I’ll cut the bullshit down and focus on what works with digital marketing. I’ve tested dozens of hypothesis and have spent more than a hundred thousand dollars trying to find out how I can outrank and outmanoeuvre my competitors. I won’t lie. I didn’t beat them in every case, but when I did beat them, I outgrew our revenue from $400K/year to $2,000,000/year. 

I also run small personal projects to see how I can eventually use my ideas for our more substantial projects. 

I’ll share my ideas, my success, my failures and current trends. 

The difference between me and others

There are brilliant men and women in the digital marketing space. However, I feel like we’ve hit a wall. Most podcast and posts are generic without and a roadmap. 

Don’t get me wrong. There are rock stars I can’t live without like:

  1. Ryan Stewart
  2. Glen Allsop
  3. Charles Floate
  4. Benji Hyam
  5. Devesh Khanal

Not sure where I would be without these guys. Most of my success is because of these guys. I think it’s time I share what I’ve learned and how I did it. 

What I have planned 

Here’s where I think there is a big hole with digital marketing. No one dives deep into a topic. All I hear is:

  • Run video ads on Facebook
  • Run Deepcrawl on your website
  • Write relevant content
  • Optimize for SEO and here’s how 

All this is great, but when you have five clinics to run, you’re not going to sit and watch or listen to 12 hours of content and delegate tasks to your three new digital marketing staff. You’ll most likely hire a digital marketing agency to do this for you.

With my posts and podcasts, you’ll find out if your marketing agency is not doing their job or if you’re going to hire an agency, you’ll have plenty of data to help guide them in the right direction. 

I’ll pick an industry first and then a city. I will then dissect everything from the competition, content strategy, paid ads strategy, social strategy, email marketing, SEO and UI/UX. 

If you’re lucky, I’ll pick your city, your niche and tell you exactly how you can beat everyone else. 

Where we’ll end up

No one knows the answer to this. I do think we’ll change up how I present my content a few times before we hit the spot. 

For example, I might start with hard niches like criminal lawyers in New York City. Or I might focus on a category and create clusters of content surrounding that main category. We’ll see where this takes us. 

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